Antonini 80+ 鋁柄SOS救援刀(半齒刃)

Antonini 80+ 鋁柄SOS救援刀(半齒刃)

  • This professional frame-lock rescue knife has been projected in year 2005 to celebrate the Foundation’s 80 years (1925-2005) of our company and represents one of the actual top selling items! The main characteristic of this product consists in the square-ended blade – a special finishing that comes out from our direct experience in the industrial and safety blades – that optimizes the incidence of the cutting edge on plates, fibres and cardboards. It is presented in the “combo” version (partially serrated and partially plain). Hexagonal hole connecting standard bit of ¼" (6,35 mm) and neodymium magnet in the handle to improve the tight of the inserts.
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  • 更新日期2019.03.14
  • 上架編號15387
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鋼材440A 鋼
硬度56-58 HRC
全長20 cm
刃長8.3 cm
刃長厚度0.3 cm
重量110 公克


【Antonini 80+ SOS救援刀】
Antonini 80+ SOS救援刀,為2005年時慶祝80周年紀念(1925-2005)特別設計, 產品特點為雙面姆指推鈕,在危急時左右手都能展刀,刀型為半齒刃,能有效的削或割繩。刀尖 平頭設計,避免誤傷到,刀刃鋼材採 440A鋼,處理過後硬度達到56-58 HRC,非常的堅硬與耐用 。
握柄採T6鋁合金製作,在握把尾部有六角孔與握柄一體成型的一字起,六角孔可搭配著六角工具 作應用,並附有4種不同尺寸的六角板手作為狀況發能急時性處理。

AE 80+ B/S 藍鋁柄
AE 80+ G10/S 黑G10柄